12 Things We Heart About Christmas

Christmas – The most magical time of the year. When the walls are decked with all kinds of cheer, trees big and small are erected across the city, when there’s more-than-usual love and kindness in our hearts, and beautiful smells of spice and peppermint and gingerbread come wafting through the kitchens. Boy do we love Christmas! And while we could talk about food on this magical morning, there’s more to this festive day than just that – don’t you think?

As we celebrate with our loved ones today, we’d like to share with you guys what makes Christmas so special for us!



Gingerbread, cinnamon and nutmeg, oatmeal, shortbread, sugar cookies or nankhatais – it just doesn’t matter. We will eat them!


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For those of you who have had the absolute pleasure of waking up to snow falling on Christmas day will echo this feeling. Snow makes Christmas a tad more magical than it already is. 

Christmas Trees

Xmas tree

Whether it’s your own, the ginormous one at the Rockefeller Center in NYC or a random one in any mall in Dubai, Christmas trees are so fun to put up and to look at! 

Christmas Clothing


The both of us will never understand why people think Christmas sweaters are tacky. Never. We think they’re wicked cool. Sweaters, socks, pj’s, you name it and we’ll wear them around the holidays…and maybe for a few days after!


Music makes anything better. And Christmas Carols are so dreamy. Last year, while Namrata was working part-time with the awesome folks at Reiner Erlings Music, they really got into the Christmas spirit with this Christmas classic! Take a look!

Holiday Cups

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The bright red ones at Starbucks or the slightly more somber ones at Caribou – holiday cups are that sweet gentle reminder that usually catch you off guard – the reminder that it’s nearly the holiday season. 


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Presents. Enough said. 



Namrata: “My father will forever and always be the leading man of my life. And being a Christmas baby, we get to celebrate his birthday at a most magical time. However, as a full-time musician and sound engineer, one of his most busiest times of the year on the work front, falls on his birthday. As a kid, I would be overt in my disdain of being unable to celebrate his birthday with him. As an adult, my understanding face takes the front seat while the disdain remains hidden. But some how, though it was hard, my mom, sister and I always make it point to celebrate our most amazing man. So the thing I hands down love most about Christmas would be my father’s day of birth. Happy Birthday, Papa. Thank you for being so darn swell!” 


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Nancy: “One of my most favourite things about Christmas is seeing family and loved ones come together. Now that I’m married, the family of four (mum dad and brother) has grown to much more (in-laws and a naughty little niece). And it calls for a guaranteed celebration every time! LOVE it! Quiet Friday lunch, you say?”

Love Actually

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Nancy: Let’s talk about Love Actually. 
Namrata: I know, love is hard. 
Nancy: No, silly. The movie. 
Namrata: I don’t know what you are talking about. 
Nancy: (kinda shouting) WHAT? How have you not watched it? You must. You can’t….just watch it, OK? 
Namrata: Relax. I will. 
Rolling her eyes, one random evening, Namrata kept her word and watched Love Actually. She then laughed and cried and cheered and squealed and cried some more. And every Christmas since, she tries to watch this movie. Romance at it’s best. 

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

Luscious, decadent, creamy hot chocolate. SO good that it makes you feel like you’ve done something naughty! Although it’s available all year round, it feels just right sipping on one of these during the holiday season. {Pic from www.starbucks.com}

Outdoor Skating Rinks

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One year, Namrata’s most awesome friend Amy convinced her to “take a skate with her” in the outdoor rink at Millennium Park in Chicago. Given Namrata doesn’t know how to skate, she held on to Amy’s arm for dear life while her sister and friend Kirsti, cheered from the outside and managed to capture this most perfect moment.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! May your days be full of love, happiness, presents and delicious food!

What is your most favourite thing about Christmas? Drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you. xx

Author: Nancy & Namrata

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