5 favourites in RIPE market in January

With my sister visiting all the way from Chicago, I thought to take her to the RIPE Market. We are so proud of that market, aren’t we? And we should be. It’s such a great vibe out there. Amazing food, music, fresh produce, art and all things I love. And moreover I thought, let’s go enjoy a Dubai’s winter day out in the park.

The later part of that idea was quite a fail! It was so warm for a January morning, it was a tad bit disappointing. But we braved the heat and had a great time!

5 more picks you need to try out if you haven’t already. These will get your tastebuds kickin’ and happy!

Custard Tarts at Nata Pura

I walked into this park so hungry and this place was the first that I saw. Delicious Portuguese custard tarts are one way to start your mornings. Also, you don’t have to wait to go to RIPE to eat these, you can find these goodies at Al Barsha Mall (slightly dangerous information, I think!).

Fancy Olives at Olive Grove

image (5)

More love for food stores, my sister and I went a little wild with the samples and couldn’t resist by buy two to bring home for a snack on a later day. Our recommendations would be the za’atar halloumi and the coriander. And how darling are these little bottles?

Mini Pancakes at Holland Mini Pancakes

image (1)

From watching the fun of them being made with that batter contraption…

image (3)

…to taking bites of these little bits of delicious goodness, this experience is worth trying. And that’s the end of that story, not much else to say!

Ka’ak and Chai at Ka’ak Al Manara

image (4)

I had heard so much about Ka’ak (all over Instagram) and this time around, I had to try one. I decided on the labneh and za’ater stuffed bread and it most definitely lived up to the raised expectations. The side of karak chai was a perfect companion. Most important, they donate profits to cancer research!

Fish ‘n’ Chips at DISH Catering

Fish ‘n’ Chips! Never a bad idea is it? This catering company sells a couple of their tasty concoctions at RIPE. An awesome way to test their food in the event you were interested in hiring them in the future. If their Fish ‘n’ Chips are anything to go by – they are a winner! 

All you RIPE market fans – what are we missing out on? What should be on our list next month?

Author: Namrata

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    • Hey Chinks – Veggie huh? Umm do olives and cheesy bread count? 🙂 Sorry I know you’ve mentioned this to me before – will look into it next time! Better yet, lets go together!