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Imagine a seven year old Namrata with a ponytail and a fringe which I may or may not have cut herself. Standing across the street from the Hyatt Regency in Deira, my father pointed out that the circular bit at the top of the hotel was a “revolving restaurant” – a restaurant that actually moves so that you get a 360° view of the city! I stood there and stared, without blinking for an entire minute and then turned to my father and said, “Daddy, I don’t see it moving at all.” It was in that moment that Papa Kamath knew his daughter was definitely not going to become a doctor.

Flash forward to 2016 when I finally had the chance to visit this iconic Dubai gem, thanks to a new campaign called #MayWeSuggest by the Hyatt Hotels which She said, She said is extremely proud to be associated with. Al Dawaar, fondly known was the Revolving Restaurant, has been standing 25 stories tall and proud since July, 1980. It used to be the fanciest of the fancy – a place where people went to celebrate. While I know my parents had been, for some reason, I had never had the chance to. It’s safe to say I speed-walked all the way to the elevator of the hotel, up 25 stories and then out, to have a childhood dream come true.

When we sat down at our table, we were politely asked not to leave anything on the ledge because we would loose it in approximately 3 minutes! We were also only half listening to said instructions because the view was absolutely breathtaking.

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And boy would it keep changing… The entire 360° takes approximately 90 minutes or so, giving you quite the view of the Arabian Gulf, the busiest parts of Deira, the unfinished Deira Palm, and the “new Dubai” skyline in the background – you really can tell the whole old Dubai/ new Dubai contrast. Too many people forget about old Dubai and all it has to offer but not this She Said duo – we are, and I think will always remain old Dubai at heart. While I know a restaurant needs to be about the food and not just the view, it truly is part of the experience. Luckily, the food doesn’t disappoint either!

A glass of wine is the perfect companion for that view. They have a nice selection of cocktails, spirits and wines. 

From the buffet, you can start with a spread of salads, soups and small bites. There are quite the options with everything from kebabs, sushi and sashimi, chicken tikka, to an olive salad, asparagus salad, beetroot moutabble, and more. 

The food is quite literally what you would call an “International Buffet” – so you have a mix of Middle Eastern, European and Far East Asian cuisine. While we were there, there were two kinds of biryani, a noodle stir fry, two types of kebabs and my favourite of the afternoon – a mutton meatball in red curry. 

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe dessert spread is also very extensive. If your sweet tooth is dying like I have talked about so many times before, I would pick only a few, no matter how tempting. Definitely try the luqaimat and the mango mousse cake. 

You can end your meal with a delightful cup of tea to wash it all down while you catch the last turn of the views. 

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As experiences in Dubai go, #MayWeSuggest you give Al Dawaar a try? Especially if you have guests visiting from out of town and you want to take them to some place truly Dubai and fancy-esque. The hotel is located near to the Deira Gold souk and the fish market – you can definitely make an experience of it!


Al Dawaar, Hyatt Regency Dubai, Deira

Lunch AED 185 per person, Dinner AED 235 per person

DISCLOSURE – While this is a sponsored post, all opinions remain our own.


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  • Wow! My dad would always bribed me to study well and he would take me there for dinner.. However that did not materialize even though I did study well;). Dear hubby took me there for our anniversary. Thoroughly enjoyed the spread and the stunning view.

    • Oh I can totally see how that would be the best bribe ever, as a kid who grew up in the city! Those views really are super fun! 🙂