Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands

What is it about chocolate? Is it the ability it has to take a terrible day and make it just a little better? Or is it the feel-good chemicals it releases in the brain making us feel like everything will be ok, or that we’re in love with life? Or is it just that its just so darn tasty?!

Whatever it is, we love, love, LOVE chocolate at She Said! And so we’ve collaborated with CHOCOLAK, the premium Italian chocolate online shop, to bring you our guide on what chocolate to eat for whatever mood you’re in. 

STEP 1 – Order your “just-in-case” stash via Chocolak and splurge on an emergency pack of 5 kinds.

STEP 2 – Follow either of these prescriptions based on your needs.

1) For the “I’m finally throwing a big girl dinner party but I can’t think of a dessert” situation:

For as long as we can remember, we’ve watched with keen interest as our mothers set the table for dinner parties and we’d always think that we couldn’t wait to host our own someday. Being a grown up now, we’ve realised life is mental on most days and we don’t know how they juggled so much and still emerged as the hostess with the mostest at the end of the night. We can barely manage to pack our own lunches! We need cheat sheets for our cheat sheets. And that’s where Cartoccio, this beautiful dark chocolate with almond strands and orange comes in. A few bites of this with a nice light wine works wonderfully as the perfect end to your fancy dinner. Dessert course…check!

2) For the “I know I shouldn’t waste my weekend but I want to stay in bed with a book and copious amounts of tea” situation:

Everyone knows these days well. There’s nothing in the world that will drag you out of bed. A nice cup of tea becomes your healer while a book takes on being the right distraction to keep you from feeling lazy. And Tavolette Amore, this beautiful bar of rose flavoured 65% dark chocolate serves as the cherry on top, making sure you take that much needed R and R time and never leave that bed!

3) For the “I am going to be healthy forever” situation:

We’ve all been down the fitness road. And some of us *cough Namrata cough* still are. Its annoying to some but so amazing to others. And it may not last very long. But while it does, making small changes to your diet could become a lifelong habit. Craving Nutella but don’t want to buy a whole jar for the house because if you do, then its game over? Enter Nocciolato Fondentethis dark chocolate hazelnut goodness. Kinda tastes like Nutella but so much better!

4) For the “being healthy is over-rated while beer actually saves lives” situation:


We’ve all been here too! Some of us get off at this train station every other week *cough Namrata cough* and it’s fine. It happens. Don’t be too hard on yourselves! Nothing makes for a perfect evening like putting on your pajamas, grabbing that book you can’t put down, a bag of chips serving as dinner, beer is keeping you company and Nocciolato al Latte, a milky chocolate hazelnut bar is dessert. Also tastes like Nutella but like… actual full hazelnuts. Lots of bite but its terrific.

5) For the “I don’t know how exactly it is that I’m feeling right now” situation:

Some days are confusing, right? You don’t know if you want to flip through a magazine or read that antique history book you bought four years ago. Or if you want to stay in and watch a chick-flick or put on your fancy shoes and go out dancing with your girlfriends. Do you want to listen to Miles Davis or Dr. Dre? Who knows? Definitely not you. And this chocolate bar understands. Tavoletta Mediterraneo has everything in it – so if you can’t decide on what you’re feeling like, you can actually have it all. 65% dark chocolate with almonds, pistachios, raisins, orange and lemon. Like we said, everything.

Chocolak is an online premium chocolate shop selling Vestri Cioccolato, luxurious decadent Italian chocolate made using the finest ingredients by the Vestri family in Florence. We’re giving one lucky person the chance to win $100 worth of credit to buy yourself some of this deliciousness. Head to our Instagram page to find out how. 

Also, get $20 off your order if you spend $80 and above using the code: SHESAID. This is for the first 10 people only! Delivery is available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Lebanon, and everything is couriered to you in a nice cooler box with ice so it retains its top quality!

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Author: Nancy & Namrata

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