Cooking curry in Thailand

Anyone else love Thai food? And like love…not just love? Yes, me too. It’s such a safe decision when you are looking to treat yourself – you are sure to leave most Thai restaurants happy and full! Could you just imagine making some of that food at home? Having your whole home smell like a Thai restaurant for a day? Sign me up!

A dear friend and colleague, Michaela, had the chance to go out and learn how to make traditional Thai Green Curry while on a trip to Thailand. Given she is a huge She Said fan (or at least I’m proclaiming her to be), she was gracious enough to share it with the She Said world. Have a look at all she says about her trip and the delicious food.

I was so excited when I finally made the decision to go to Thailand. I needed the break and the beaches were calling! Having said that, I was not only excited to see the beautiful country but also to taste their awesome food. As a proud member of Gen Y, I get bored easily and am constantly looking for new experiences. So when my friend and I were talking to this lovely man selling different trips and excursions in the middle of a town called Ao Nang, he introduced us to Krabi Thai Cookery School. We were really excited; not only were we about to learn something new via experience but we could eat all of it after and of course, Instagram the life out of it. Win-win situation!

image4Where the magic was going happen!

Krabi Cookery School was founded by Cholaya “Ya” Laothong, who is a professional chef having work experience in Jakarta, Luxembourg and Bangkok. In 2000, Ya opened Krabi’s first Thai cookery school which has attracted many students over the years. Gordan Ramsey has allegedly made a pit stop at the school as well!

image2Me working away (and clearly having so much fun!) 

We opted for the evening session and we couldn’t have made a better decision! We ended up being the only two people there and therefore got our very own private cooking session with Ya. She was funny and friendly, as was her staff as they helped us with the preparations. We got our aprons on and we were ready to go. The smell of the fresh ingredients was incredible – we couldn’t wait! The staff, ever-helpful and kind, walked us through the process, explained the different names and purpose of each ingredient and most importantly, didn’t laugh at us while we struggled to cut the onions properly.

image3Ya walked us through cooking up a feast which included chicken green curry, pad thai, fried rice, spring rolls and tom kha gai. My friend is a vegetarian and so we chose to make both veg and non-veg dishes. The chicken green curry was my absolute favourite and I couldn’t have been more proud given we even made the green curry paste from scratch!

The overall experience was fantastic, the smell and taste of the food was unreal and most importantly, after all the cooking was done, we didn’t have to do the dishes. Priceless! For $30, we got a learning experience that will be remembered forever while enjoying a delicious taste of Thailand.

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