We were told in big bold letters recently – “you sure aren’t in your early twenties anymore“. One late night followed by the inability to “sleep it off” the next morning had us craving a space that would help us get over both, the fact that we weren’t in our early twenties anymore and our horrible inability to sleep-in when necessary. Brave parking choices and narrow old Dubai lanes led us to Creekside. IMG_6767   IMG_6768



Tucked away at the edge of where the sidewalk ends on the Bur Dubai side of the creek, this space offers a lot of light, heritage (which is displayed in gorgeous old photos on the wall), many games (backgammon, anyone?) and books left by the seats, making this a perfect place to go with people or even a meal for one.


Most importantly – a great menu – featuring many traditional dishes with a fancy twist.


The oatmeal serving replaces the traditional brown sugar or maple for a sweetener with a salted date caramel syrup – which Nancy helped herself to with a spoon. On it’s own. For dessert. I’m pretty sure she forgot about the oatmeal part.


Posh Beith Temat – Creekside’s version of shakshouka. The yogurt cuts the tomato with a super fresh taste. 

Even if for a cup of coffee or tea joined by a semi-competitive game of backgammon, for some quality catch – up time with a bestie or simply for a darn, good meal, Creekside is hands down, one way to go.

Author: Namrata

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