F is for Feast, F is for Fuchsia

Thai food. You can’t get too much of it, can ya? At least I know I can’t. Furthermore, trying out new Thai restaurants is quite the treat and I think should be a game. Just go around the city, trying the same dish at different restaurants around the city and playing spot the difference. Too much? Ha! Maybe. Or just try them as and when you find them, cos I feel like we don’t have enough good, budget Thai restaurants in this city.


Speaking of finds, Fuchsia was definitely a good one! I’d driven by the Barsha Heights branch quite a few times and then the branch in Bay Square on my way to yoga. Imagine leaving a Vinyasa Class and then walking by a Thai restaurant. Not good. Its a good thing that it’s usually 8am when it’s not open or else Houston, we’d have a problem!


I finally headed there one afternoon couple of weeks ago and I was excited. And very hungry which wasn’t the best idea. First thing I noticed when I sat at my table was this sign and I should have taken note.

Because it rang true after I was done with the act of gluttony we called lunch. Think I’m being dramatic? Nope. We.ordered.everything. Or at least that’s what it felt like. And I swore I would never eat again. Take a look.

What better way to start a meal than with chicken wings? I can’t think of any! These lemongrass chicken wings were delicious!

Golden Fried Tofu

Papaya Salad 

Mince chicken salad. One of my most favourite Thai dishes.

Pad Kee Mao with chicken. I’d never tried this flat rice noodles dish before and now it’s a new favourite. Good bye Pad Thai, I’ve a new squeeze in town!

Stir-fried Scallops

Prawns with Holy Basil

Chicken Panang

Stir-fry beans

And because we hadn’t eaten enough, we thought we would end with one of my favourite desserts – sticky rice with mango

Well played Fuchsia, well played. Until next time!

LOCATION  P-03, Plaza Level, Building 04, Bay Square, Business Bay AND Two Towers, Al Khareef Road,Barsha Heights

Author: Namrata

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  • Looks good! If you are ever in Uptown Mirdif, you should try Tuk Tuk Thai from the foodcourt (it shouldn’t be in a foodcourt honestly). They have the best Pad Thai and should try Pad Med Mamuang that comes with white rice.