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Scouring my neighbourhood for a place to eat is hard work. Not because there’s nothing good but quite the contrary – there are way too many options and I can’t pick one. Then there’s the hanger. When I always wait until the last minute to tell my husband that I’m hungry and the poor guy has to bear the brunt of it. I don’t usually use TripAdvisor for restaurants in Dubai but couple of weeks ago, a random search brought up a place called Fish Hut which is rated number 6 out of 5000+ restaurants in Dubai. Wait. What. Who?

I’d never heard of it before and sure, there were only 68 reviews but it was close by so we decided to give it a go.

Walking towards the restaurant located in the back streets of Oud Metha, we saw that not many tables were occupied. That’s usually a warning sign but we decided to throw caution to the wind and go in. Best.idea.ever!

The back wall of the restaurant is covered in floor to ceiling mirrors which from the outside, gives the impression that it is a huge space. Very clever way to conceal what is actually a cosy 50 odd seater.

We were presented with menus but it was quite confusing. Mr. Siraj, one of two staff on the floor, read our minds and immediately invited us to examine the display of seafood on ice. There was sea bream, pompfret, squid, tiger prawns, and other locally sourced fish. He explained the price of each (as per weight) and without much thought, we picked a medium sized sheri and 10 prawns for two of us.


Again, we couldn’t decide how we wanted it cooked. Siraj’s recommendation was spot on; we absolutely enjoyed our meal and couldn’t recommend it enough. Here’s what we had:


Complimentary soup and salad to start. The soup is not anything to write home about but it’s free (anyone remember Golden Fork’s soup?), and it keeps you satiated until the seafood arrives. The salad was fresh and crunchy with lots of lemon.


Half the prawns were spicy fried. This has got to be the best masala I’ve had in a LONG time. Not since Malabar Paris anyway. It was crispy, almost powder like. I ended up digging my fork into the empty shells to get the last of the masala.


The other half of the prawns were grilled, again in a spicy masala. It was a little too spicy for me but nothing a big squeeze of lime couldn’t fix.


Lemon and thyme grilled sheri. The meat was succulent and flavourful. Only drawback here is if you don’t like bones, ask them to fillet it otherwise you will have to get your hands dirty. Not that thats a bad thing!

I had been trying to organise a visit to Bu Qtair with family and friends for the longest time but somehow it hasn’t happened yet as there’s always some excuse – it’s too early, it’s too late, there’s too much traffic on Beach road, it’s too hot – you know the drill. I’m so pleased to have found Fish Hut. It is casual, no fuss, with simple delicious seafood, and more over it’s cheap. We paid AED 93 for two. Maybe not as cheap as Bu Qtair (I haven’t been since I was a kid so don’t know pricing) but it works!


Have you been to Fish Hut and what did you think? Where’s your go-to seafood place? 

LOCATION – Street 8, Oud Metha, Lamcy Plaza area, behind Karishma Beauty Centre

Author: Nancy

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  • Thanks for your recommendation . We went today . My goodness, fantastic dinner , the sherry charcoal , superrrrrr… Salmon , awesome .. and the complimentary salad was good too !! Grill,Tava Fry and Deep fry . Don’t compare with Buqtair , FishHutis superb and will overcome them within an year or so .. and will be talk of the town .Brilliant !! even though restaurant is only around 40 seating capacity . Recommend reservation , Today was full packed even during Ramadan month ..

  • Been here twice. Its nice but limited menu. The lemon and thyme is good but nothing that would keep wanting me to go back. I’ve also tried Fort Kochi in Qusais. Think they are better. Would love to read your reviews on them.