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After I published the last post, I couldn’t help but realise that the only reason I hadn’t been to the other place that serves pho, Hanoi Naturally, even though I am a self-proclaimed pho-lover, is because it was all the way in JLT and I live in old Dubai. That has to be only the most rubbish excuse I have ever heard myself make up for anything. Especially because I work on the same side of town as this restaurant and it would be a 10-minute drive after work.

I recognise the excuse and would like to tell you the truth: It’s not the distance, it is the Jumeirah Lake Towers area. JLT has to be one of the most confusing areas in Dubai to me. I do not know why. I’m perpetually lost there (which is weird because it is technically one long curvy road) and I just don’t like to venture out to that part of Dubai. Quite the pickle because so many awesome eateries are now open there.

image9Enter only the most fun group of work people as a solution to this problem. They were gracious enough to come out there with me to research this pho situation. Getting everybody to stop working and meet by the elevators at 6PM made me feel like a school teacher trying to round up the kids for a field trip. By the time we braved the after-work traffic, found parking (can be tricky in JLT) and finally sat down, we were all very hungry (on the verge of hangry) and I was silently praying that the food would be amazing or we would be a very disappointed group!


Praise the heavens, there was no need to be disappointed! We ordered for a small army and they got the food out so quickly, it was perfect!

To begin with, we ordered prawn crackers which came with a spicy sauce. They were absolutely delicious and that sauce on the side was perfect. I dipped everything into it. We also had an order of chicken wings (because I have to order them wherever I go). They were a little greasy but tasty.

That wasn’t the end of appetizers.


Their fried spring roles were stuffed with chicken and came with a tangy vinegar sauce. They came out piping hot and we had to be careful while eating them.


Summer rolls which is basically raw veggies with shrimp, also served with the vinegar side sauce. These had the freshest taste to them. I wish I didn’t have to share!


The winner of the apps round would have to be these sweet potato shrimp patties. Can you ever go wrong with sweet potato? 

We then moved on to mains. Yes, we ate some more. Also, given they were helping me with my research, I got to taste a little bit of everything. A swell life, for this girl!


Shrimp Bun. This was so incredibly delicious. A cold dish, everything was super fresh and the prawns were extremely flavorful.


This dish turned out to be the dark horse. We didn’t really think much when one of us from the group said “I’ll have the braised root vegetables“. And then we tasted it and eyes were all very wide as we did. The coconut curry base that these vegetables were in was so tasty. A must try! 


Tamarind Prawns. Very flavorful – though the orderer of this dish would have liked more tamarind. I thought it was just fine but you all know how I feel about tamarind. 


And of course the pho which myself and three others ordered. People – this broth was SO GOOD, I was actually mad at myself for being unable to finish the bowl because I got so full. What a waste! 

IMG_0701If you’re looking for a satisfying and very relaxed place to break bread sometime, this is the place to go! 

LOCATION – Hanoi Naturally, Gold Crest Executive Building, Cluster C, Jumeirah Lake Towers

Author: Namrata

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