Her friend went to Ireland and all he got her was…

Disclaimer: I am a snacks person. I love snacks. And most of the time, not the healthy kind. I’ve always wondered what snacks mean to people around the world. So I have set on this mission to emotionally blackmail my friends who are either going home or are travelling to a distant land, to pick me up a few treats so that I can try them. It’s going to be a fun ride!

I haven’t been to Ireland yet but it has been number 1 on my list ever since I watched the movie Once. I also believe I have an Irish alter-ego. Her name is Nuala Kavanagh and she is a singer/songwriter. But I will tell you more about her another time. Or you know…if you were a counselor and I were lying down on a couch. Anyway.

Back to Ireland. I haven’t been but I must go. My only introduction to anything Irish (in regards to food) in Dubai has been Fibber McGees or Irish Village and so I was more than pleased when I requested for and then received these treats. Here are my thoughts.

Yellow Snack – The Winner! 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASticks of shortcake covered in delicious chocolate. As much as I love Nancy, I was kinda mad I chose this one to open around her because then I had to share. It was SO good. I think in my head I was kind of expecting shortbread (which is my favorite kind of cookie) but texture wise, this was a little less crumbly and may be a new favorite. I would fly to Ireland for these. 

Pink Snack

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWafer fingers covered in chocolate. Not as good as the yellow snack but still delicious. I mean, if a friend is going, ask them to bring you one. Don’t fly out there for these.

Taytos  (Cheese & Onion Flavor) – The Second Winner!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPossibly the best crisps in the world. Like, seriously. I have also spoken about what you can do with these crisps to make your day a little bit more special. Fly to Ireland if you can’t find these here. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk

I was a little disappointed in this one because you get Cadbury anywhere. I mean I had made it VERY CLEAR that I wanted Irish treats and then I was told that ‘Irish Cadbury” is the best of all Cadbury (??!?!?). So I tasted it…and it was fine. I wouldn’t fly to Ireland for this candy bar or even ask a friend to bring them. However, if it’s around, try it and then tell us if you can tell the difference between this and any other Cadbury because I don’t necessarily think I could.


Pickled onion flavored snacks. I was a little worried about these the most and they pleasantly surprised me. They were perfect amount of sour and oh-so-crunchy. A must try!

Have I missed anything? Should I be yelling at my friend because I missed out on an Irish treat? Let me know! 

Author: Namrata

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