Making it your own at Prax’s

I love noodles. The kind of love where I ate ramen noodles (similar to Maggi for all you Dubai/India peeps) on way too many nights when I was broke in college. Priced at about AED 1.25 a packet, I even had a Pinterest board dedicated to all the fun things I could do with ramen noodles (mainly involved peanut butter and sriracha!). I know, I know, the diet of dreams right? What I loved most about my ramen noodle diet was that it wasn’t like going to the family-owned Chinese restaurant down the street where they would make the noodles off a “secret” family recipe. At home, I could make it taste like anything I wanted it to! The only downside now that I’m out of college and am considered an adult is that everyone says these processed noodles are bad for you or something like that! *eye roll*. Who wants to be a stupid adult anyway?

You can imagine my excitement then when I walked into Prax’s and saw that I could make noodles (or any kind of stir-fry) taste the way I wanted to based on my mood of the day. And they don’t use MSG or any of the other nasty stuff making it totally adult-friendly! Hellooo, sign me up!


Because of it’s hole in the wall size, you may miss Prax’s on Jumeirah Beach Road but look out for the big “Drive By” sign. The eatery is tiny, with 4 bar stools on the inside and a couple of tables outside. It was intended to be a pick-up/ delivery shop but thought they’d do people like us a favour, in the event we’re walking by and can’t wait to rip into the boxes till we’re home!


You can watch your food being made and all the fresh ingredients that are going to go into your dish. Also, given the “drive-by” concept, all food is served in takeaway boxes (microwave friendly), making for taking leftovers all too easy!

Here’s some of what we’ve tried:


Papaya salad


Chicken Siu Mai – I would’ve gladly ordered more of this… 


Prawn Spring Rolls – again, give me more! 


Prawn Wonton Soup, packed with flavour

Here are all the noodle orders we made our own!


Prawn red curry with egg noodles topped with cashew nuts 


Chili basil chicken with egg noodles


Black pepper chicken with soba noodles. Extra spicy please! 

It’s safe to say that Prax’s has gone on She Said’s list of go-to places. And the grandest of all news is that it has just opened in Tecom and will be delivering to that side of the city. Which means, hello work lunch!

Have you been to this little drive-by gem? If so, what was your favorite concoction to order?

LOCATION: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1 AND 1 Rise Tower, Tecom


Author: Namrata

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  • Absolutely love this place! My fav is their Thai green curry with Soba Noodles, its just super delicious.