Midnight Café

Karama. Home to countless eateries, cafes, fast-food restaurants – all catering to different palates from around the world at affordable prices. Amidst all the competition, how does one stand out?

Enter Midnight Café.

I’d heard so much about this hole in the wall but hadn’t been until I moved into the neighborhood. And now, it’s become my go-to place for all things cheap and cheerful! In the business for some 20 odd years, Midnight Café has clearly set its mark and stands out as one of THE places for quick Indian (and not-so-Indian) street-food.

Located in the building opposite Dubai Municipality, it’s just as the tagline suggests – ‘no frills, no fuss, just good food’. The shop is TINY with just enough space for one person at a time to walk in and place their order.


I wasn’t kidding… one person at a time!

The café is best known for its frankies (kati rolls) but the menu has evolved over the years to offer a whole range of deliciousness!

Through the countless times I’ve been, or have ordered in, I’ve managed to get through most of the menu and all of it is delicious. My favourites include chatpata chicken (tangy), spinaloo (spinach and potato – count for healthy?), and tangy tikka.


Watching the men in action through the window. Hand-sized frankies, easy to eat, and always packs a punch!

They also do a mean pizza. If you cant pick one, go for the Midnight special – I can’t say what exactly the toppings are but I’ve tasted a spicy sausage in there and it gets me every time!


Cheesy garlic bread, the famous frankies with a ‘z’, and midnight special pizza

Wash it all down with a fresh lime soda….


For days that you’re craving something flavoursome, spicy, savory, quick and delicious. For days you can’t be bothered to cook, or have some friends over and need quick home delivery – Midnight Café is a great bet!

NEW LOCATION- Shop 7, Wasl Aqua Building, Street 39, Near Fish Market, Al Karama.

Author: Nancy

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