There’s something wonderful about winter in Dubai. When the weather is as perfect as it is these days, one place that always pops into my mind for casual outdoor dining is City Walk. When the area opened in late 2013, Mo’s café was one of the first places I had been to and loved. I mean, we’re all so familiar with the full version of the name so it was ingenious and I kept thinking – how has no one thought of the name ‘Mo’s’ yet?


Anyway, I digress. Mo’s is an all-day casual dining restaurant with a vast menu full of your American favourites. I’ve been a massive fan of their buffalo chicken wings and have been there time and again, to eat it in its many variations – in a wrap, on salad, and of course, the wings as is!

So when an email popped up with an invitation to Mo’s from the lovely Stacey to try out the new offerings on their menu, Namrata and I did a happy dance (as it was our first invitation as She said, She said), and thought that since we love the food and were planning on featuring it on our blog anyway – no harm! Besides, maybe this way, I’ll eat more than just chicken wings! 🙂

So here’s some of what we tried:


THE said spicy tangy buffalo wings. The signature sauce is just something dreams are made of!


Queso fundido which is Velveeta (an American brand of processed cheese) with turkey chorizo and tortillas. Perfect to share with friends or if you want it just for yourself, I don’t blame you!  

Lamb chops. Namrata’s favourite thing to order off any menu and this one was juicy and succulent


Pulled chicken sandwich with Mo’s “secret sauce”. I like the fact that all of their sauces are made in-house.


Mo’s also has a wide selection of sundaes, shakes, cakes which I understand is at a 50% off during the week from 3-7pm. Definitely worth going to for a cake and coffee catch-up with the girls.

Looking at Mo’s breakfast offerings, I’ve always thought that if I had my own café, this would be the kind of breakfast I’d want to have on my menu i.e. all of my favourites: eggs, pancakes, waffles, lox and bagel, french toast, and for the health bunnies – oatmeal, fruit platters, and granola and fruit parfaits.


I’m yet to make it to Mo’s for brekkie but going by whatever I’ve had so far, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!

Tell us, where do you go for a good American food fix and what is your favourite thing to eat there?

DISCLOSURE: We were invited for a meal at Mo’s in December but it was our fourth or fifth visit. While this said meal was free, the views in this post (and all others) are most definitely our own.

Author: Nancy

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