She Said Turns Two!

You know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun. And my how two years have flown by! TWO YEARS! That’s a total of 730 days of thinking about what to eat, taking photos of food and most importantly learning the lesson that as important a passion project may be, you sometimes have to change some of your ideas because life is forcing you to change. But we’ve loved (and sometimes hated) every minute of it.

We owe the fact that we’re even moving into a third year to the She said tribe. The subscribers of our blog, commenters, Instagram photo-likers, Facebook sharers, re-tweeters and more recently, award voters (woohoo!). Wherever in the world you are, you are all so AMAZING. We know you are out there and we want to thank you from the bottom of our very filled hearts.

Having said that, the blogging world can sometimes be a big black hole where no sound travels. There have been days we’ve wanted to stand up and yell “Hello! Is anyone out there?” (Our mums, restauranteurs, and rocking PR agency friends don’t count!) Simply because we blog for people to read and love. And while we hope that is happening, we sure would like to know that it is.

And so, we want to use our second birthday to ask you if you are reading and following, what would you like to see more of? Leave a comment and let us know. More recipes? More restaurants? Videos? Round-ups? Tell us. We want to know!

And remember those industry friends we mentioned? We weren’t kidding about how awesome they are! To share our celebration with all of you, they’ve hooked us up with some fabulous giveaways. Just leave us a comment with a super cool idea that we can bring to life for you, or even just what you’d like to see more of on this site, and you could be enjoying one of these amazing treats!


W Seafood brunch


Dinner for 2 at W Dubai’s brand new seafood night, Sea-Me. Choose from the wide selection of fresh fish available at the seafood counter, cooked to your taste. There’s everything from prawns, scallops, oysters, mussels, tender crab and lots more!

(CONDITION – Valid this Wednesday, 28th September)

Meat Co


3-course meal for 2 including 1 bottle of house wine (or soft drinks). Choose from the Meat Co.’s wide selection of premium succulent cuts of meat, and combined with the spectacular view of Burj Khalifa, this will be one meal to remember!  

Fruitful Day


Fruitful Day is the local fresh fruit box delivery company and they’re giving away a one month subscription of fruit boxes to one lucky winner! This includes 4 Discovery boxes for the month (1 per week), valued at AED 500. Each box is specially curated with  fresh fruit that is in season and nurtured lovingly by farmers. 

(CONDITION – Delivery within Dubai only from Monday-Thursday)



One of the Middle East’s leading supermarket chains and undoubtedly one of our favourites, Spinneys is giving away a AED 250 gift voucher to one lucky winner! We love them not just for their sustainably sourced quality produce and GMO free, no added hormone meats, but also the wonderful selection of treats they import from around the world. Best place to create a gift hamper.

So there you go! Leave us a comment here telling us what it is you would like to see more of on the blog and we’ll pick winners on Tuesday (27th September). If you’re keen to win any of these in particular, also mention that!

Have a great Saturday all! And thanks for reading 🙂


COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to Lanzia Basheer, Caroline Suvares, Nazia Kazia and Bhavna Vaya!

Author: Nancy & Namrata

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  • Hey girls,
    Congrats on being 2! I am a food-lover as well. So I definitely have a look at your reviews and suggestions!
    What I want to see more from ‘She said’? People in dubai love their meals out but sometimes it gets heavy on the pocket. So maybe, the best deals -moneywise for the month. Would also be great to know things like – use entertainer voucher here or a time-out card or Emirates NBD card to avail discount. It helps! Also more breakfast places for weekends…that we should and must try out if we live in dubai.
    Looking forward to another year of more food reviews, more awards and more recognition! All the best girls!

    • Hey Simmy! How you doing? 🙂 Thanks so much for all your ideas. We’re also always on the lookout for deals so yes, would be good to highlight those! Entertainer has saved us big bucks for a couple of years now, not just for food but massages and hotel rooms too. Will look into this a bit more.
      Thanks for taking the time to drop us a line! x

  • Hey Shesaidshesaid,
    You girls are taking food blogging to another level in the UAE ! Love your fabulous inspiring blog. Would love to see more coverage of hidden gems in the other Emirates apart from Dubai !
    Expecting to win the Meat & Co., Fruitful Day and Spinneys vouchers !
    Thank you!

    • Hey Alifiya, thanks for your kind words 🙂 Other Emirates is something we’re keen to explore too, only every weekend just flies by in a jiffy haha! Thanks girl, have added it to the list!

  • Firstly, Happyyyy 2 years Anniversary! ❤️ You guys are just great inspiration, in terms of exploring life, enjoying life and most importantly the meaning of real friendship!

    Well to be honest love all your blogs ! But if you would really want me to choose one then i would say, seeing blogs on lunch offers/ business lumch availables in Dubai for people who are on strict budget but yet they would like to indulge in trying out new flavours in life ! Hope i have a genuine request !

    Once again happy anniversary and keep eating and blogging about it😜 And ofcourse may your friendship always be the same and you guys achieve great success in life

    • Hey Jumana – we’re seriously touched by your kind words and wishes, it means the world to us 🙂 Also love all your suggestions and will hopefully address them soon. Budget yet awesome place + business lunches: two pretty important things I’d say. Stay tuned! X

  • Congrats on becoming 2 guys! Thats as old as my kiddo hehe (hope you guys don’t have the Terrible Twos like him but wish you have Terrific Twos). I have loved some of your recommendations so much that now they have become part of our weekend tradition (Al Afadhil in particular). Loved Damyati Al Iskandron as well.
    My idea would be to have a section called ‘Around the World in Food’ where you try lesser known cuisines that are surprisingly available here – Singaporean food or Malaysian food, or even the better known ones like Turkish (I still haven’t found a place that serves good Turkish food like I ate in Istanbul). Good luck!

    • Hey Ameera, good to hear from you! 🙂 Honestly we’ve been wanting to try these ethnic eateries around Karama but just never get around to it! Want to join us? There’s an Ethiopian place we can start with first. You in?

  • Congratulations girls, love the blog so far. Tried a lot of your suggestions and its never failed. Wish you both the best of luck for the coming years, this is just the beginning

  • Fruitful day giveaway sounds quite interesting. Would love to win that! 🙂
    Also, you should also start keeping dine in contests, so your followers can get a chance to dine in with you. I think knowing your followers would be a great idea!

  • Congrats on completing two years!! Such a fabulous accomplishment and kudos to both of you!! I am a big fan of the blog and love reading your posts – you both bring so much warmth and ease that reading the posts makes you want to head to the restaurants right away! I love that you cover the fancy places but also the hole in the wall places so we are not missing out on yummy food! I am a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and his food shows – how about a theme around 30 restaurants in 30 days and cover a mix of different cuisines in Anthony Bourdain style or just focus on one cuisine that offers such different flavors depending on the restaurant. Another idea is to possibly cover more food trucks in Dubai and their food. Either ways, you guys are doing a fabulous job and look forward to seeing more! All the best!

    • Thank you for the kind words. 30 places in 30 days..we would need to invest in a 30-day juice fast after! Haha! But great ideas – thanks for writing in!

  • Hey! I would love to see more healthy recipes on the blog!
    The Meat Co and the Fruitful Day prizes are my favorites 😍


  • Congratulations Nancy & Namrita for successful completion of 2 years! Wish you great success in the coming years! I’d love to see more of healthy eating on She said, she said 😍
    And i’d love to go for the Spinneys voucher & go buy some organic and healthy stuff☺️
    Also, Best wishes for the Cosmo Awards 2016! And Congratulations for being among the finalists!

  • Hello girls,

    Congrats on your newest milestone. Love the crisp, easy layout of your blog.
    I’d like to see some recipes from some of our most loved outlets. Most of the time we would like to try these treats at home.
    I love the Spinners giveaway the most.


  • Happy 2nd birthday She Said!!

    Try not to break a tear when you cut your cake and realize how far you’ve come and how much love and appreciation you’ve gained over time.

    I started following your blog relatively recently and I love the fact that you do much more than critiquing. Your post on travels and food makes me want to go places 😃 The posts I enjoy most are of your home made cooking, be it the magic of your mom’s hands or the success in your kitchens and I’d love to see more of those. It’s not just nostalgia but also inspiration for my daily meals 😄

    Keep up the great work ladies 👍🏼

    PS your posts last year on Christmas was a life saver 😉

  • Hey Girls,
    Congratulations on completing 2 years ! You guys are awesome and hope you guys continue to grow and blog 🙂
    Would love to see some more recipes, preferably finger food or like snacks for parties. For example, Diwali is coming up and a lot of us will be hosting parties so it would be nice to see to some simple and easy recipes for finger food/snacks.

    Guess you guys have everything covered quite well 🙂 Good Luck !!!

    • Hey Bhavna! Gosh yes Diwali is just around the corner. Time is just whizzing by, its crazy.! Sure thing, we’ll ask mum about some finger foods and get it up on the blog soon. Thanks for your message babe x

  • Hey Shesaidshesaid
    Congratssss on your journey of 730days of food,food and only food…love reading your blog and love seeing ur pics..! Love to see what Shesaidshesaid !!😃
    Well…I would like to see more of pocket friendly places and must try Breakfasts.
    Looking forward to more of your fun, food hunt and ammazing pics.
    Would looove to win the Meat n Co. Havent been there yet😁 or the W Hotel…wowo..what a catch that would be😉

  • Hello Nancy and Namrata,

    Congrats guys on turning two. We have enjoyed traveling around with you guys through your blog. Your excellent blog keeps us informed about the latest must visit eateries around town. I suggest you put in more stories about your travel and food and also short videos showing how healthy food can be prepared at home easily.

  • Love the pictures n reviews n the videos. Wanna see more videos of you guys tasting food. Maybe even finding hidden gems around dubai. Happy 2nd Birthday She said!! Wud love to win from Meat & Co. Or Spinneys!

  • Happy 2nd anniversary to
    I think you’ll have the perfect blog which makes me think what more does this site need?
    And yes I found the answer.
    “Shesaidshesaid needs Many many many more years of success”. I just pray for that many years which you sure will get.
    Have a blessed journey.
    Best wishes
    Oh I would love to win any of the above but the voucher as I wont be able to make it on the 28th.
    Love seafood and fresh fruits as well as spinneys 😍😀

  • Congrats girls!!love the blog and look forward to all your fun outings and reviews! I have a big sweet tooth and love desserts! I would love to see more on multi cultural desserts from different cuisines be it emirati, Thai, German etc. it’s always interesting to see what dessert is eaten after a main course in many of these amazing cultures!

    I would love the Spinneys voucher or fruit box!

  • Firstly Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. We are so thrilled that you continue your passion and you love writing this blog as much as we love reading them. Please do not stop, we want to see many more anniversaries at she said she said with many more give aways 🙂

    I would like to see local staycation reviews within UAE on this site. As you know flying frequently is not possible but very often we have public holidays in UAE so nothing like if you can shed some more light on hotels/resorts in UAE.
    Also it would be great if you can shed some light on local entertainment so we get new insights to kill time or take our foreign visitors while touring them locally.

    Also please do post more FREQUENTLY!

    Wishing you all the best!

  • Mabrook mabrook to both of u on reaching this milestone. Would like to see more of hidden gems in UAE (small restaurants which go unnoticed) in ur blogs. On this special occasion would love to win the Fruitful day prize or the Spinneys voucher. Choosing this for my 3 kids who love eating fruits of different kinds. Even though they are quite small they know that eating healthy is very important. This mommy of 3 wants to win for her kids and make their day fruitful.

  • Happppy 2 Years Anniversary Shesaidshesaid!! and to many more…!
    Firstly, I love the whole concept of your blog. How two friends have taken their friendship to a whole different level! Kudos on that..
    Have to admit I don’t know how you would expect us readers to suggest anything that would top up the exhilarating ride you take us through with your shenanigans!
    With that said I do always wonder what reaction goes through your table as you’re clicking photos and tasting dishes. So here is my suggestion (and a means to satiate my curiosity) – How about a special 2 year anniversary video blogging of your meal?! .. just take us with you virtually PLEASEEEE ! :)… just about going through how you decide what to order, how you manage to control yourself not to eat the gorgeous food placed in front of you before you take a picture (just for us) etc…
    Good Luck !
    Would love to win the Fruitful Day vouchers! Thanks!

    • Video blogging a meal would mean actually eating in front of a camera….now all we have to do is convince each other to get in front of the camera more – haha! Also, it’s really sweet that you have the faith in our self-control (Nancy can be really good on most days…me not so much!). Awesome idea – thanks a ton for writing in and your kind words, Fatima!

  • A (good) image speaks more than a thousand words (a bad one does too, but different words), if you can handle your camera well, mouthwatering photography can become a principal reason for others to visit your blog. Although high-quality food photography is tricky, you food bloggers manage to show fantastic and professional looking results! Some tips on your blog would be highly appreciated.

    Happy Blogiversary She said, She said! Both you and I have reasons for celebrations this week. Heres to many more successful blogs! All the very best with the Cosmo Awards this year, rooting for you guys! XoXo

  • As I went through ur posts just loved what I saw and read. Sad that I missed a blog like urs all these years but happy to have found it atleast now. Me, my hubby and 3 kids are born foodies and I am definitely going to try the places u have suggested. But apart from the small small restaurant (hidden gems) in UAE (which I suggested in my earlier comment)I would love to see more about some inspirational stuff in ur post. In this tecchy world where people hardly have time for each other I want you to let people know the importance of staying connected with ur friends rather than staying connected with gadgets. You could make a difference in so many people’s lives.
    May you reach many more milestones both in ur blog and ur amazing friendship(touchwood)
    Mommy said Mommy said she wants either the fruitful day or the Spinneys voucher to buy some organic stuff for her 3 kids:)
    God bless