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I finally get to write a travel post and it feels ridiculously amazing.

I’m not a “take a break from work” kinda person. I love schedules and I don’t take well to time off. But burn-out was at an all time high and I needed the break. And it was a real break; I disabled emails on my phone and was ready to disconnect and go somewhere far away. And Australia is pretty darn far, I tell ya!

I’d heard about Australia’s amazing coffee and was stoked to make as many coffee pit-stops as possible. Before heading over there, I was especially told over and over again that I would most enjoy Melbourne’s café scene. My gosh, were people right!

Here are four cafes in Melbourne that I would recommend a stop-by if you happen to be in the area. Good coffee and good treats!


Location – 23 Degraves St, Melbourne

When I was told about Melbourne, I kept hearing about the “laneways” or whatever they are called. Basically, alleyways with a ton of little cafes and restaurants and bars. Most of my dinners were in one of these little alleys and vibe here was amazing.


A breakfast stop on a cold, cloudy morning at DeGraves Espresso Bar was the perfect choice

IMG_1401The coffee – scrumptious. I wanted a second cup 

IMG_1406My friend ordered the “benny” and she said the hollandaise was worth walking back there for everyday!



Location – 262 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

It was “that time of the evening” where I wanted more coffee and a treat.

IMG_1598We randomly stumbled upon Lt. Nic’s and ordered our cappuccinos very quickly 

IMG_1595Their little specials board outside mentioned an “Oreo stuffed crepe cake” and my friend and I decided to share a slice. They turned out to be super swell and even gave us a second slice on the house! 

IMG_1592Super friendly staff, great set-up, delicious coffee, amazing treats!



Location – 673 Bourke St, Melbourne

Kinfolk was around the corner from my hotel. I saw it on my first day and kept saying how I had to go. I finally did on the day I was leaving.

IMG_1618 So quaint and the decor was beautiful. Some of the tables were antique desks and old doors cut into squares and refurbished as table tops (if you can’t tell, I loved the details). 

IMG_1620The coffee was perfect!

IMG_1622And don’t even get me started on the bacon that was on my plate!

IMG_1626I would have spent hours more in here if I wasn’t out to be as touristy as possible!



Location – 341 King Street, West Melbourne

If Kinfolk was round the corner going left from the hotel, Impresso was round the corner going right. What can I say? – we were surrounded by amazing coffee shops!

IMG_1490Walking in, I noticed the awesome windows. 

IMG_1485And the ceilings

IMG_1488I didn’t get a chance to eat here. Just the coffee and it was amazing. My friend and I did head over later in the evening for a milkshake – also pretty darn swell! 


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