The big fat 3-0

I turned 30 yesterday! Woo hoo!

I’m big on birthday celebrations, be it mine or those of loved ones, but I’d been dreading this day for close to two years. It’s officially the end of your 20s – the decade where you can be irresponsible and you’ll most likely get away with it. The decade where you’ll be forgiven for your shenanigans and wrong decisions because hey, your brain is still developing. In fact, I read somewhere that the frontal lobe in a 20-something brain is still work-in-progress. And thats the part that’s in charge of ‘overriding emotion with reason’. So that means 20-somethings are more sensitive to criticism, more likely to take feedback personally, and magnify events out of proportion.

That explains a lot!

The 30s is intimidating. I mean, isn’t it considered middle age?

They say that what you do in your 20s will define the rest of your life. Have I done enough? Have I learnt enough and made the right choices? Have I exercised enough? Is it too late to start now? Have I picked the right career? Can I change my mind now? What are my hobbies? Am I good at anything?


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While reality is daunting, it’s here. It’s happening now. And although there’s so much to be scared of, there’s heaps more to be grateful for. To wake up each morning with a clear mind and in good health. To have found the love of my life, my best friend, someone I can’t wait to grow old with. For my most loving and supportive family, the great bunch of friends I’ve made over the years, for the ability to use my mind and earn a living. And most importantly – for the food we have on the table each day.


Those of you who’ve been following my Facebook posts know that I wanted to celebrate this milestone by showing my gratitude to the world, and by making a little difference in any small way that I can. You’ve probably also heard me harp on about a cause I feel dearly about – which is that millions of people around the world don’t have food to eat. And that millions of kids don’t live to see their fifth birthday because they don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water.  

A lot of issues around the world can be resolved by beginning with access to clean water. If you think about the bigger picture – no water means you can’t grow food, you can’t bathe, which in turn cause illnesses, people get sick, kids don’t go to school, no education, and there you have a community caught in the vicious cycle of poverty.


An organisation that does phenomenal work in this area is charity: water. They don’t offer grand solutions and billion dollar schemes, just simple things that work like freshwater wells, rainwater catchments and sand filters in underdeveloped areas. I came across their ‘birthday initiative’ a year ago and I knew it was the right thing for me to do for my 30th.

With the help of generous donor family and friends, we’ve managed to raise a little over US$ 5,000 – all of which goes directly to fund water projects! This means that 143 people will get clean water – and we’ve hopefully helped that many people get out of the poverty cycle (or at least not go thirsty!).


Since Namrata and I started this blog and have kept our Instagram followers updated with the most mouthwatering photos of cakes, chocolate, coffee and the like, all of it seems vain and pointless when you think about the millions of people who don’t get one square meal a day.

Water is fundamental to relieving hunger, and as fellow foodies, it’d make me extremely happy if you’d consider doing your own fundraising for a charity of your choice, or if you’d like to contribute to mine – OR if you simply just think about minimizing food wastage, both at home and when dining out.

I’m uber excited about entering this new decade of my life and sharing all of our food adventures with you!

Lots of love xx

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  • Very impressed. Not only are you a beautiful young woman inside and out, but you truly have the heart of an angel, and I’m super proud to be your friend. Kind, gorgeous, smart, sassy, strong…what else could one hope for from a friend?

    Yes 30 feels like middle age when you hit it…it felt like that for me too all those years ago – I denied my age for eight years after turning 30, telling people who cared to ask “Oh. I’ve celebrated my 30th and that’s all I’m willing to reveal” as if my age had suddenly become my enemy. In fact, I was so determined never to say my true age out aloud that there were often times I would actually forget it myself and have to calculate back from my birth year – filling in forms became a private little heart-felt victory as if not remembering my own age meant I was successfully erasing the reality of it (more like the onset of amnesia!). Then something happened this birthday – no idea what it was, maturity perhaps (yuk! That sound ‘old’ no?) but I decided to stop denying and start and celebrating – I have two more years until the next milestone and I’ll be darned if I don’t dance wildly in celebration of the small achievements I’ve accomplished so far, and skip into the next decade with my botoxless head held high (not having botox yet – total achievement!).

    So my gorgeous friend, I guess what I’m trying to say to you is enjoy enjoy enjoy! 30’s is a time to feel liberated and not only capitalise on all the amazing decisions you made in your 20’s, but look forward to all the new and exciting twists and turns this decade will bring you…with the love of your life right by your side – what could possibly be better 😉

    Only just found out about your blog and have been reading with delight. Will gladly donate to your charity – love the idea. Love being your friend.

    Huge kisses Nancy! Loly xxx

    • Jo, my lovely Lolybina 🙂 I’ve already thanked you for your lovely words but will leave you a message here too – in case you pop by again! Reading your comment always makes me feel happy and when I look at you and how gorgeous you are, I realise everything will be alright!
      Love you Jo, your friendship means the world to me.
      Hugs xx

    • Thank you Ishita! Appreciate it 🙂 And about 30, surprisingly feels like not much has changed! Lol. What was I expecting right?