The extraordinary opportunity for a quiet cup of coffee at the Cocoa Room

I say extraordinary because this may literally never happen ever again. The Cocoa Room shares space with Slider Station. Prior to Cocoa Room opening to the public, I had been to Slider Station on two occasions and both times, this place was bursting at the seams. While the number of people didn’t hinder me from enjoying my meal, it did hinder me from enjoying the space. And spaces are way too important to me.

So when we had the chance to do a tasting prior to the Cocoa Room opening, I was excited. Not only because I had heard so much about this place but also because I would have a chance to be there when there weren’t a million other people and with some natural light.

IMG_2159And to add to that, we would have the chance to try some of the delicious food we had been hearing about and seeing pop-up constantly on Instagram. 

First the space…

IMG_1500Lots of windows allowing for a lot of natural light!

IMG_1497This wall had me swooning.

IMG_1520Random, adorable things here, random adorable things there…

IMG_1504…random adorable things everywhere!

…then the plates!

IMG_2153The coffee was delicious and really hit the spot!

IMG_4004Nutella French Toast. Put this beauty on your bucket list! 

IMG_1508Mexican Ranchero Benedict – rustic bread, refried beans, red chilli hollandaise sauce, Mexican herbs, pumpkin seeds. 

IMG_1511Eggs Menemen – Turkish style scrambled eggs, red chili flakes, feta, red bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, pita. 
This was a skillet full of scrumptious! And I don’t even really like tomatoes!

There were two things however I wish this place did that they currently don’t do. One, reservations. I have heard horrible stories about how much people have to wait to get it. And also, every meat option when we went out there was beef which had me wishing they did turkey bacon or smoked salmon even. Other than that, a great breakfast spot!

LOCATION – Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah

DISCLOSURE – I was a guest of The Cocoa Room but as always, all opinions are my own.

Author: Namrata

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