Toast & Jam at Weslodge

When I think of “brunch”, I don’t want a mental day out. I’d rather go for something a bit chilled out, with good food and company, and fantastic music. Throw in some funky art and you’ve got all the right ingredients that make an awesome afternoon at Weslodge!


Weslodge is a saloon-inspired restaurant located in the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. It oozes rock and roll chic, with elegant leather couches, Victorian style arm chairs, and walls tastefully strewn with the most unique pieces of art work. It is all very upscale and yet they’ve managed to create an inviting, homely ambience.



We were there last Saturday afternoon to try out their brunch offering, aptly named Toast & Jam. As we sipped on prosecco and margaritas, ate some superb food, and grooved as the resident DJ played some of the best hip-hop tunes from the 90’s, we were thinking all brunches should be like this. So chilled out, great food and ambience – this was going to be our new favourite!

The menu consists of classic American dishes with a hint of global flavours, and everything is brought to the table. You can order ala carte or go for any of the drinks packages which come with tasting plates + 1 main + dessert. Its real soul food, comforting. Everything that makes us swoon with delight and our mouths water with excitement and anticipation.


Here’s some of what we ate and loved. Suggest you book Weslodge for your next brunch! Forget Friday, Saturday’s the new brunch day.


Ahi Tuna Ceviche with avocado, celery, yuzu hot sauce and a sesame cracker 

WeslodgeBurrata with Roasted Peaches. Maple syrup + bourbon + basil + grilled bread

WeslodgeEggs benedict. You can pick smoked brisket or creamed kale. Both served with steak spice potatoes. The kale was a winner! 

WeslodgeAvocado toast. 2 Poached eggs with cilantro, chilli, lime and sour cream hollandaise. Dreamy!

WeslodgeFried chicken and buttermilk waffles. Served with hot sauce maple syrup. ‘Nuff said. *drooling*

WeslodgeSoft scrambled eggs with house salmon pastrami 

And because we could…we also ordered the following sides:

WeslodgeCheddar and chives jalapeno biscuits. Sadly these were soft, flavour was spot on though.  

WeslodgeAnd finally, comfort food of the Gods…Mac N’ Cheese


Three packages available:

Select mocktails, soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea AED345
Select brunch cocktails, house spirits, wine and beer AED445
Select brunch cocktails, house spirits, wine, beer and Champagne AED545

LOCATION: JW Marriot Marquis Hotel


Author: Nancy

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