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Sigh… I’ve just died and gone to heaven!

You’d normally hear me say this as I’m eating a piece of chocolate brownie or a rich creme brûlée (miss you, Momotaro!). In the past couple of years though, my body has started complaining (read the other she said’s post on us not being in our early twenties anymore), and it won’t let me eat whatever I want. At least not without putting up a fight! Do you agree that us millenials spend way too much money eating junk and then even more money trying to lose the weight? This one’s up for discussion at another time!

Ever since I’ve started the occasional workout, I’ve been trying to eat healthy and am on the constant look out for alternative ways to reach this level of nirvana. And guess what? I’ve found it – right here in Wafi Gourmet!

Picture courtesy: Dubaimall.com

Picture courtesy: Dubaimall.com

On a lazy Friday afternoon, my beau and I made our way to Dubai Mall in search of a quick meal pre-movie. As we dodged crowds armed with shopping bags, Mr. Antonio Carluccio beckoned us to come inside for a plate of creamy carbonara. I din’t succumb to the temptation and instead made my way to Wafi Gourmet next door.

As with the original branch located in Wafi Mall, the entrance of the restaurant is set up like a market with beautiful displays of homemade sweets like baklava and kunafa, dates, jams, halwas, and dry fruits – which you can buy by the kilo. You can also order to-go from the deli but for our lunch this afternoon, we walked right through and sat at a table by the window, facing the infamous Dubai Fountains.

The best part about Arabic food is that in case you’re unable to decide on what you might want to order, you can always pick a few appetizers for the table. On this occasion, we had a lentil soup (perfect consistency made even better with a generous squeeze of lemon), beetroot and rocca salad (tangy and fresh!), hummus (can never go wrong with this one), and a mixed grill. The meat was both flavorsome and succulent.


We’d normally end the meal with a pot of mint tea however had to rush out this time to catch the  movie!

Service at Wafi Gourmet is spot-on and professional. They mean business as they’re used to buses full of tourists coming in, especially as this branch is located right next to the ‘At the top’ entrance. They are quick to bring out your food, it is consistently delicious, and makes for a perfect spot for quick lunch, dinner with visitors, or a snack in between retail therapy!

What is your favourite restaurant in Dubai Mall?


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