A walk down Wellington’s foodie lane

I had heard so much about the many laneways in Melbourne and when I visited, I wasn’t disappointed. They were quaint and filled with shops and cafes and coffee shops. Some had some awesome street art even. It kinda made me wish that all places, everywhere in the world had these many laneways.

Laneway, Wellington

So imagine my pleasure when I found out that Wellington, New Zealand had a mini laneway of their own! It was one of the first things on my list and trust me – this place was worth the hype. It was like a little bit of a treasure hunt – trying to find some of the spots I read about and it made for the best game.

Here are four stops I made on this magical walk down the laneway:

Fix & Fogg. – 5 Eva St, Te Aro, Wellington

Let me say one thing right away – I am NOT a fan of peanut butter. It is my least favorite kind of butter. But this stuff is amazing. All this shop does is peanut butter nothing else. They have four different kinds – super crunchy, smooth, dark chocolate and smoke & fire. I tried them all and picking between the dark chocolate and the smoke & fire was a battle. I went with the smoke & fire in the end. Darn these baggage allowances!

It’s a window. On a street. With the friendliest of people. Who comes up with this awesome stuff? 

I was told that the smoke and fire peanut butter goes great on toast with some avo and eggs. I shall try it out sometime in the future and keep ya’ll posted!

Six Barrel Soda Co. – 1 Eva St, Te Aro, Wellington

A soda shop. That sells soda, sundaes, milkshakes and fries. And that’s it. The look and feel of this place is like something out of an Archie comic!

I opted for a sampler so I could try more than one. From left to right: The hibiscus, celery tonic and ginger with fresh mint. 


Wellington Chocolate Factory –  5 Eva St, Te Aro, Wellington

Self-explanatory. I shall not say anymore.

The ideal situation would be to enjoy a bar of chocolate while watching them make some of their fine chocolate. 

A whole wall to select from! 

Leeds St. Bakery & Red Rabbit Coffee Co. – 14 Leeds St, Wellington

A bakery on one side and a coffee brewer on the other. So smart because their bread and scones were incredible and so was the coffee. Perfect combos for a quick morning snack and coffee-pit-stop. I did love this place.

Leeds Street Bakery, Wellington

Leeds St Bakery

Leeds st bakery

Leed St Bakery

Leed St Bakery

Leeds Street Bakery, Wellington

All that art!

Another reason that it took me a long while to walk through was all the random street art everywhere. I truly am a fan of street art and can spend quite a while trying to figure out the story behind some of it.

Laneway, wellingtonThis a parking spot. All parking spots are painted like this. Holy-amazing-art-project-idea-Batman!

Laneway, wellington

laneway, wellington

There were a few places to stop by but I had made the mistake of eating a full meal before entering this magical laneway which means I could only snack along the way. If you are ever in the area, bundle up (it was 14′ C on the crisp summer day in Wellington when I took the walk), put on some comfy shoes, and take your time walking down this most beautiful and yummy lane.


Author: Namrata

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