Why Din Tai Get Here Earlier?

So I had heard about this shiny new part of Mall Of The Emirates (MOE) with all these fun new places to eat. Along with that, I’d also heard quite a bit about this new dim sum place which kept coming up in conversations. And so when a friend suggested Din Tai Fung for dinner, I was all for it! Please note that there is a new movie theatre area at MOE. As in, on the other end of the mall. Not just a re-vamped old space. But literally on the other side of the mall. Don’t be walking in circles trying to find it near the old movie theatre (which I may or may not have done). Din Tai Fung is right by the new Vox cinema and boy is it busy!

image10We were worried about getting a table but luckily there was one. Another awesome thing about this place by the way is that the food comes out fairly quickly and I am assuming that’s why they can afford to be super busy without too much of a wait. 

image9As you walk in you get to see the magicians work their magic on what shall soon to be your meal.  

image3Chicken Xiao Long Bao. This was a first time experience for me. We were given detailed instructions by our awesome server. You place the dumpling on your soup spoon, use your chopsticks to tear through it, drink the soup that spills out into your spoon first, then dunk the dumpling in the ginger, soy sauce and vinegar dipping sauce you make and then eat the dumpling. Fabulous!

image5Steamed Shrimp and Chicken Shumai 

image4When it came to soup, I chose the Shrimp and Chicken Wonton Soup. You know, because we didn’t have enough of dumpling kind of dishes on the table (insert sarcasm here). While I like my broth-based soups to have a little bit more flavor, I loved the wontons! 

image6Szechuan Vegetable and Chicken Wontons. Again, this one came with instructions. Use the spoon to toss the sauce which is at the bottom of the bowl on top of the wonton before you eat it! Great tip, great taste! Nice and spicy! 

image7Shrimp and Chicken Potstickers. I love pan-seared pot stickers and these really hit the spot! 

While the menu has SO much more to offer, we couldn’t breathe after the dim sum attack we brought upon ourselves! I can’t wait to go back there soon and try a few new things (and re-do some of this stuff as well). Din Tai Fung has restaurants all over the world and boy am I glad they’re here in Dubai now!

Have you been? What was your favorite thing off their menu?

LOCATION: Mall Of The Emirates. 

Author: Namrata

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