6 interesting foods she ate in 2015

Being a food blogger is so fun. It really is. But there is a dark side. The side where people expect you to know about every dish ever invented in the world, every restaurant in existence, every herb ever discovered, every flippin’ type of tea…you get the gist right? And in the instance you don’t know something that is “common knowledge” to someone else – which is quite often with us – the response always is “but we thought you are a food blogger!” Hmm…yes we are. What we’re not however is an encyclopedia!

While Nancy is good with reading about the background of foods, Namrata is the eater! “I do this because of all the food I’m going to get to try,” she says! And 2015 was a year we had many a “firsts”. Here is a list of foods we tried for the first time ever, some being specific to restaurants, cities, or even some being “common knowledge” which wasn’t so common to us!

Green tea Kit Kat


NAMRATA: Kit Kat = Amazing. Green Tea = Good for you. What do you get when you put the two together? Something that I think should never be put together. At least not by the people at Nestle.

Crab Doughnuts from Crab Tavern


NAMRATA: When this appeared on the table, I stared at it for a very long time. A cake doughnut with shredded crab meat on it. Not happening, my brain said. And then it happened. And I went back for seconds. This stuff is surprisingly tasty. The sugar dust is mixed with paprika – DELICIOUS!


NANCY: When I went to Sri lanka this summer, everyone said I should try Lamprais which is a traditional dish consisting of rice, a couple of curries, vegetable, cutlet, and a deep fried egg, all wrapped and baked in a banana leaf. The idea sounded wonderful but what’s that they say? You eat with your eyes first? Each bite and I was wishing I could douse the rice with curry, which there wasn’t any of. #fail

Tatoes Crisp Sandwich


NAMRATA: My first thought – Please tell me this isn’t real. It’s just sad that this would be real. Crisps in bread.
My second thought – I shouldn’t have said that first thought out loud because most of my Irish peeps grew up eating these sandwiches and I’m being culturally insensitive.
My final thought – If you ate one of these everyday, you would be a happier person. Sandwich of dreams. And Tatoes…oh tatoes!

Chicken Sambal floss bun from Breadtalk


NANCY: Breadtalk is a bakery chain in South East Asia that makes all kinds of weird and wonderful bread based treats. I got to try this chicken sambal floss bun this summer. It was light as candy floss, buttery, sambal spiced, with a hint of chicken… good enough to make me want to bury my face in! Please can someone bring this brand to Dubai?

Maccha Walnut Crisp 


NAMRATA: These little cookies were handed out by a colleague visiting all the way from Shanghai. I was a little weary as I’m still trying to decide how I feel about matcha. But these were amazing. Think I’m going to try and find a way to order a box of these for myself!

Here’s to another year of eating all things weird and wonderful, may our days be as adventurous as our palettes! Happy 2016 everyone!

Love, She said, She said

Author: Nancy & Namrata

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