Al Damyati & Iskandaron

Ever since I can remember, the decision to eat Arabic food leads my family to one place and one place only. Al Damyati & Iskandaron. It is located in Karama across the street from Day-to-Day. If you don’t know it’s there, you might miss it! Parking is a mad issue in these parts of town and traffic can get even more daunting. However, all of that is worth it!

Damyati has been around for as long as I can remember. Being down the street (even with one change in location) from where I have lived forever, it has been a constant for Arabic food needs in my life. Delicious food and good prices, what more can a girl ask for?

While their menu might offer so much more than I have ever tried there, these are the three constants that I order when I’m dining in or as take-out. I will also say, in all the years that I have eaten there, the quality of the food has never, never changed. It is a guarantee good meal!


Their hummus. At Dhs 12 a plate, this is some of the best hummus you can get.


Their lamb kebabs. Five to a plate. Given I come from a family of four, that last one is a guaranteed fight. 


Saving the best for last (which is what I do on my plate as well) – the lamb chops! Juicy and succulent, hands down, the best lamb chops I think you can get in town! 

Another must try at this place is the falafel. They make them super fresh and are my favorite in Dubai. If you just ask for a Dirham’s worth – you will get three!

With so many places to eat at when craving Arabic food, and not to mention how pretty some of those places can be, don’t be fooled by how Damyati looks. It’s “street-side” vibe with it’s very dressed down decor is what weirdly adds to the appeal. The food and decor all scream one thing – no nonsense, no fluff. Just real business that is good food!

Author: Namrata

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