The past month has been an absolute foodie delight. Pure joy resulting from discovering new places, eating delicious food and sharing it with you all. Over the years, Namrata and I have had one too many moments like these. Where we’ve scanned menus and taken more photos of our plates than we know what to do with. Marveled at nature’s bounty that is food, and man’s ability to put two and two together to create something spectacular. Savoured every bite and thought to ourselves, “God, this is amazing”. And then we go home in a daze from the food coma, wanting to share the experience with anyone who will listen. Long story short? My experience at Tresind last week is why it makes me so flippin happy that we have this platform to share.

After posting a photo on Instagram from the Tresind dinner I attended last week, I realised that so many of you have already been. And everyone who commented said they loved it and wanted to go back. Not one negative comment. So while it seems like I’m the only one who’s been living under a giant rock, Tresind is only six months young so I know there are others out there who need to know! This experience has been etched in my mind. It belongs on the interwebs, in the archives of this blog as one of my most memorable food experiences EVER, and in the pages of my life as something that challenged my mind, and tricked my brain into reassessing the way I view and taste Indian food.

Pic courtesy
Pic courtesy

Led by Executive Chef Himanshu Saini, Tresind is a homegrown, modern Indian fine dining restaurant located in Radisson Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. The restaurant uses molecular gastronomy as a way to enhance the dining experience, be it with cocktails or food. A team of 25 chefs representing different parts of India bring with them their unique style, flavours and expertise. The restaurant redefines Indian cuisine as I’ve known it, using science and techniques to transform familiar textures and dishes into unique creations that will leave you pleasantly surprised.

We were invited to a tasting of the Tresind’s summer menu, or rather new additions to the existing menu using seasonal produce. For those who have been before, it is a great opportunity to go try what’s new; you can guarantee it’ll be impressive. For me, it was my first visit and needless to say, I was left completely enamored, vowing to return pronto.

Here’s a look at some of the innovative dishes on offer:

Zaatar pao, pindi channa hummus, olives and sundried tomato pickle

Deconstructed pani puri. This amuse-bouche looks nothing like a gol gappa but put it in your mouth and the flavours just pop! The perfect prelude for what’s to come.


Modernist chaat trolley. A lot of theatre and flair is involved in presenting this dish which is a real masterpiece, created in front of your eyes by the very talented chefs (in our case, Sous Chef Harangad Singh). Can’t say how many elements go into this dish but there’s some papdi, palak patta, dhokla created using liquid nitrogen, chaat masala gel and more. This is a must have.


Wild mushroom chai. Dehydrated shiitake mushrooms are the “tea leaves” while white truffle oil is converted into “milk” powder. Presented in a glass teapot and served in little tea cups, it is packed with flavor with a big hit of pepper. One more that you must try!


For starters, we also tried braised lamb chops with aam papad chutney, churan fleur de sel


Chicken pepper fry, gongura pickle, paper dosai


Dahi bhalla ice cream, nitro cooked potato roasti, ginger pickle. Another favourite!

Amritsari soft shell crab

Khandvi sorbet (below) as a palette cleanser. I was shocked at how much this tasted like khandvi but was a cold and refreshing version. I wanted a whole big bowl! Like I said, they play games with your mind, its unreal..


For mains, there was manglorean fish curry, john dory gassi, kosambari salad, and

Chilli hoisin duck khurchan, with mini roomali pancakes

On to dessert, besan ladoo cornetto,pistachio kulfi, milk skin crisp

Daulat ki chaat, sohn papdi crumble, 24 carat gold dust (below)


Jalebi caviar 2.0

Dodha burfi black forest cake. Again, a deconstructed version of a black forest cake, this time presented by Chef Himanshu himself

We finished off the evening with paan flavoured candy floss, a lovely twist to a digestif/ mouth freshener

Being a sweet fiend, I have to admit that I preferred the starters and mains to the dessert. But so much technique goes into preparing everything that you should definitely give it a try, perhaps daulat ki chaat and sohn papdi crumble which I liked the best. Besides, you probably won’t have space for more anyway.

Tresind takes your dining experience to a whole new level, taste and entertainment included. All I can say is – prepare to be wowed.

LOCATION – Radisson Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

DID YOU KNOW? – Tresind changes their menu every six months! What this means is that they are constantly working on their menu, keeping their signature dishes but adding on some new wonders that leave you so full and happy! If you haven’t been recently and want to stop by, try these out:
the chicken tikka carpaccio, litchi and tarragon, applewood smoke
the tandoori lamb chops, rosemary reduction, ghee roast potatoes
the goan chicken cafreal, fresh green peppercorn
the moroccan chickpea tajine ‘channa bhatura’

They also have some amazing offers to lure you in!
4 course Lunch Set Menu starting AED 145++ on weekdays, 12-3:30pm
Ladies Night, every Wednesday, 8-11 pm, at Tresind Lounge. 3 free drinks and 15% discount on bar snacks for ladies
Happy Hours 6:30-8pm, every day at Tresind Lounge
6 course, Ladies who Lunch menu, at 120++ for large groups of ladies, from SundayWednesday.
9 course, signature Chef’s Tasting Menu- 350++ (veg), 365++ non veg, for lunch and dinner, everyday


DISCLOSURE: I was invited to a tasting dinner by the lovely ladies at ibuz. They may have wined and dined me but they didn’t have to try at all as it’s one heck of an experience and the food speaks for itself. As always, all opinions are my own.

Also – some of our foodie friends were also present at this tasting. Read what they had to say:

Memoirs of a Tastebud


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