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We have known each other for what now feels like forever. Joined to the hip in high school, we shared our lunches both, the ones our mothers would pack for us in the morning and the ones we would buy at the school canteen. We needed two lunches in a day, see?

We grew up and we got to go places and eventually, after many-a-year, we are living in Dubai again. The city we grew up in. The city we have so many stories about. We sit and talk about how Dubai has changed more than our imaginations would have ever let us believe.


From one of the first emails sent from Chicago to Dubai about the fact that there was a place called “Cheesecake Factory” twelve years ago to a message sent yesterday about pickle chips (and the need to consume them everyday), through all this change and all the going away and coming back, this love for the “good food experience” has stayed a constant. Places we love eating at should remain open forever and given forever is a very long period of time, it is important to talk about them. So why not, we thought, share it with the world because being so happy about eating a glorious meal is an experience that is meant to be shared.                 1-2-2  We aren’t food critics. We aren’t going to tell you if there was “too much butter” in something (because there is no such thing really).

What we are going to do is share. We are going to talk about places we love to go eat at in Dubai and beyond, both old and new. Places that you may know too much about or nothing about. Places that make us want to run into the kitchens and hug the chefs. We might even share recipes on days we are inventive and work out woes on some others, just because.


So welcome to this joyous food ride with the practical she and the whimsical she. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Photography: Ekta Saran |  Styling: Gayathri Krishnan-Erlings  |  Logo Design: Karishma Gopi Designs

Author: Nancy & Namrata

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