When I moved back to Dubai from the Pacific North West, there were a few things that were a mission. One, stay cool (I moved here in the middle of August); two, call everyone I knew in this city from before I was living in the states and re-connect (people make a place, after all) and third, eat good Arabic food – every single day for the first week I was back (the little town I lived in the PNW didn’t have the best Arabic food available). I was named the “falafel diva” by friends because I was so picky about my falafel. I’d like to think good falafel is important.

By my third day here, I hadn’t been successful in the seven days of Arabic food. I hadn’t even had ONE Arabic meal. That was until this glorious suggestion by the other She Said. Zaroob. Serving “Arab Street Food”, this place hosts a whole bunch of different kinds of Arabic food.


The decor is super kitsch and awesome.

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 Their hummus, saj, shawarmas and koshari – all very, very tasty. Also, Nancy’s view – best fattoush in this city and a must try!

Their bucket of the little falafels? – This falafel diva didn’t have anything to complain about! 

This place is never not busy. One time, I went there on a random Monday night with a friend and there was a 45 minute wait. So you should factor that into your decision making.  Given how busy it is in here all the time, the vibe is buzzing.


The outside seating is very cozy for a cool Dubai winter night.

And don’t even get me started on the awesome “secret door button” to enter the place. And while the first time there, it may not have been the best experience for this whimsical one who didn’t see the button and walked right into the door, it still is awesome – a (not-so) secret button door, ya’ll!

A must-go – this “little alley”.

{Photography by: Nadia Michael: Platter Chatter}

Author: Namrata

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