Her friend went to Slovakia and all she got her was…

Disclaimer: I am a snacks person. I love snacks. And most of the time, not the healthy kind. I’ve always wondered what snacks mean to people around the world. So I have set on this mission to emotionally blackmail my friends who are either going home or are travelling to a distant land, to pick me up a few treats so that I can try them. It’s going to be a fun ride!

One of my dear work friends and partner-in-crime (before she decided to quit and abandon me) and I are foodies but with one big difference. She can take a bite, love the taste of something and then stop eating it because she has this strange trait called “self-control”. With me, I take a bite, love the taste of something and then keep eating whatever it is like a ravenous animal. Anyway, we more or less would be talking about food anytime we were sitting by each other – which was a lot of the time because we, you know, our desks were right by each other. So when I told her about my desire to try treats and snacks from all over the world – she obliged the indulgence. Here are the treats she got me when she was in Slovakia and my thoughts on said treats.

Slovakia Chrumky arašidové

These are little puffy chips that are in the shape of peanuts and get this…they taste exactly like peanuts! So after the first bite, you are confused because it literally feels like you’re eating puffy peanuts. A few bites in however, you might need that bag ripped away from you. 

Horalky – the winner! 

I don’t know about anybody else but I love wafers and so you can imagine the amount of glee when three of the four treats were wafers. This one which is a chocolate peanut wafer (Slovakians clearly love their peanuts) – there is a creamy peanut filling with a chocolate rim. After the yellow snack incident, I ate this one so quickly because I didn’t want to share (hence the ravenous animal reference). I would fly out to Slovakia for this one! 


You will only like this if you like mint and chocolate together, which I’m not the biggest fan of. The flavour is intense and so it was a tad much for a non-chocolate-mint person. But the wafer part of the bar was good! 


This one is a classic, I’ve been told and it is very good. It is however, very rich, which means you can only eat a little bit at a time. The praline filling is so creamy and the chocolate coating is dark – which makes for a perfect combo! 


This is a coffee flavoured wafer. I was super worried about this one because ever since I was a kid, coffee flavoured snacks were always off-putting. I love coffee and I love chocolate but together, it just never seemed like the best chocolate bar idea. For me, the only time that combo works is in a mocha! This bar however gets it just right! It’s more like a “chocolate wafer feat. coffee” situation so you kinda forget its there…but not completely. You’ll need to ask a friend to get you this bar if they are ever in Slovakia, to understand what I am talking about – it will be worth it! 

And there you have it, folks! The Slovakian treat round up!

What did I miss this time? Any suggestions? 

Author: Namrata

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  • – It’s Mäta, not Mata
    – Kaštany is from Czech republic, not from Slovakia.
    – Slovakia (brand of Chrumky arašidové) is nowadays Czech company (former slovak company was bought by czech company Bohemia aproximately 15 years ago, and production is in Czech republic)

    • Hi Jan Danovsky! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment! Sorry, as you can see, my English language enabled laptop doesn’t pick up foreign accents and so your name too doesn’t have the v’s and ticks! Hence mata = mata 😀 You get it, right?
      About Kastany, I’ll have to ask my friend about that (totally feeling cheated right now!)
      And about Slovakia being from Czech Republic, not sure if you’ve seen our previous post about treats from Ireland where we’ve included Cadbury’s chocolate. I was sceptical too as Cadbury’s is found in Dubai and India and lots of other places too, I’m sure. But the idea of this post is trying treats that friends grew up eating in their home countries, irrespective of where in the world its manufactured or which company owns it. So there you have it!
      Btw, do you happen to work in the FMCG industry? 🙂