My friend went to Bali and all she got me was…

Well she got me the treats and a beautiful postcard. I feel like I need to mention that or I would be lying to you.

Indonesian Treats

Moving along. When the other she got back from Bali, she had so many amazing stories to share about that place. We always try to do this story share after a trip so that they other can pretend they were there. This time round however, she was contractually bound by our friendship and as a co-investor in this space to bring back a little more than stories. She had to get me treats. And she did. Here’s what we got and tried and have to share with ya’ll!

Chitato Potato Chips

Indonesian treatsThis is a spicy chicken flavored bag of potato chips. I wasn’t expecting much – I mean how much like chicken can a potato chip taste? Apparently, a whole lot! I wished I had more of these. Anyone going to Bali anytime soon?

Nabati Cheese Wafer

Indonesian TreatsSo this was the other she’s idea of the joke present. Cheese wafers. Also, if you remember on the Slovakian treats post, I went on and on about how I had never met a wafer that I liked. Well, enter Nabati. I will not be having any of these when I go out to Bali ever. The wrapper said “extra cheese” on it. I didn’t get any extra cheese. And then when I finally got a bite with some cheese in it, it wasn’t the good kinda cheese and I wish I hadn’t. All in all a very trying process. I don’t think cheese needs to ever go into wafers.

Selamat Sandwich Wafer

Indonesian TreatsNow this is more like it! Call me boring or a traditionalist or whatever else you would like but this is what a wafer is. Chocolate is perfect for a wafer. These were wafer-thin and stuffed with chocolate (pun intended). I also, came home and tucked this into the fridge as I needed to get over the other wafer I had tried earlier and then subsequently forgot about it. Until nearly two days later. So I ate the wafer cold. And it was the best mistake yet! If you ever get to try one of these babies – try it cold! 

And with that, we conclude this wee taste of Indonesian treats. Have you been to Bali? Have you tried a treat or two?

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Author: Namrata

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